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Anti-Odor Dishcloth

Anti-Odor Dishcloth

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Dishcloth - Pistachio X Charcoal

If you're wanting to try a uniquely Japanese product in your home, give our Dishcloths a try. These dishcloths have been infused with Fresh Oasis Lifestyle (Japanese oak) charcoal, which is naturally neutralize odors. This means your dishcloth, which is constantly damp, will last longer and smell better.

The dishcloths have 6 layers of material for extra absorbency and durability. During production, a temporary starch coating is applied to prevent the multiple layers of material from shifting.

Because of this, the dishcloths are initially a bit stiff/crispy, but as you continue to use them, they will get very soft. To speed up the softening process, soak in boiling water a few times.

The dishcloths are washing machine safe, but color will slightly fade and dishcloth will shrink by about 10 to 15% after first wash. Please do not use with bleach, or place in the dryer. Made up of 82% binchotan rayon and 18% cotton. Please note, one dishcloth is included - one side is charcoal gray and the other side is colored pistachio.


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Peggy Lowe
All purpose kitchen cloth

I love these cloths. I can use them for a week and they won't stink!!