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Roller Rope Back Massager Wood Therapy Cellulite Tools

Roller Rope Back Massager Wood Therapy Cellulite Tools

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It's a daily relaxation self massage tool !

Acupoint massage is a natural method for health based on the stimulation principle. It is adopted to massage the acupoint in the reflex area of the body to restore original functions, achieve therapeutic effects, and maintain health. If you often have a stabbing pain in your shoulder, trembling hands, lift your hands difficult, waist pain, inability to sleep on your back and numb feet, you'll need this hand-held roller massage.

You'll feel less pain if you massage stick with it for a week. Rub the massager with a wet towel to keep it clean.

With 10-minute’s relaxation massager everyday, is a complete well-being therapy. This is a gradual process. Therefore, try your best at the beginning.



Therapy Cellulite Massage Tool

Daily massage waist or legs, rolling back and forth on the skin surface, is conducive to deep muscle massage, promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, reduce cellulite, used to achieve the purpose of relaxing the body!



Whole Body Therapy Massage Tool

Neck massage

Working with the head down for a long time is easy to cause neck pain. Insist on massage for 5 minutes every day to relieve the pain. Massage yourself with this wooden roller massage machine to relax.

Waist massage

Massage back and forth with a roller to relieve pain and remove cellulite by increasing blood and lymph circulation

Leg massage

Strenuous exercise can easily cause upper thigh pain. This roller massage tool can relieve muscle pain, easy to carry and safe to use.


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Peggy Lowe
Wonderful tool.

Love it , used for massage, it works perfect. Love it.