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Programmable Space Electric Heater w/ LED Display

Programmable Space Electric Heater w/ LED Display

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Your Personal Space Deserves Delightful Warmth and Comfort

The heater runs on 350-watt low wattage, more energy-saving and cost-effective than those high power-consuming space heaters. Besides, it will not overload the electrical circuit. Great for people living in a mild climate.

The temperature is adjustable from 60°F to 90°F, and it will display on the LED screen giving you a clear picture


The plug of the space heater is able to rotate 180° to accommodate power sockets in different condition and positions. If your power outlet is upside down, just rotate the plug to fit the outlet

This ceramic space heater for indoor use is designed with a timer function from 1 to 12 hours in 1-hour increment. Simply press the " Timer " button to set the desired time

Made of quality-assured flame retardant material, this electric heater achieves zero safety hazard. Overheat protection will shut heater off automatically when overheating

Amazingly Easy to Use

  1. Plug in to wall socket.
  2. Move switch to "On" position.
  3. Adjust desired temperature using "+" and "-" marked buttons.
  4. Set timer by pushing button until timer reflects time desired.


Wall Outlet Electric Heater with Adjustable Thermostat and Timer for Home

  1. Low-wattage and Energy-saving Space Heater
  2. Quick Heating in 3 Seconds
  3. Clear LED Display
  4. Built-in 1-12 Hour Timer
  5. Overheat Protection
  6. 180° Rotating Plug
  7. Small and Portable to Heat up 50 Square Feet
  8. Quiet to Use for Sleeping Soundly


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