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Reusable Drinking Glass Straws w/ Cleaning Brush - 6 PCS

Reusable Drinking Glass Straws w/ Cleaning Brush - 6 PCS

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We produce our  glass with a unique precision process in our own glassworks.  An ingenious fusion on the edges ensures special drinking properties. Finally, a special process removes any residual stress in the glass. This is probably the best drinking straw in the world.

With FreshOasisLifestyle, you are relying on safe, quality glass that will presumably last a lifetime.

  • THE LUCKY CHARM - Our curved 15cm HALM is the perfect drinking straw for the offspring! We have tested our lucky charm for a long time and now offer the ideal bend for pleasant drinking.
  • QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY - We developed a special glass that produces extremely sturdy and stable straws that are also 100% recyclable. HALM glass straws can handle both cold and heat (from -40 F° to 392 F°) so they are safe for the dishwasher, microwave and even freezer. HALM straws are produced and packaged in Germany where all employees receive fair wages and full benefits.


  • GOOD FOR YOU AND THE PLANET - Most glass straws are made of borosilicate glass, which can never be recycled. That's why we decided to develop a different, 100% recyclable, glass straw to truly reduce our footprint. Our straws, cleaning brush and even packaging are 100% plastic-free and therefore BPA-free, meaning no dangerous toxins in your body. Our production facilities are powered by solar panels.
  • GLASS IS BEST - Remember how refreshing soda tastes out of an old-fashioned glass bottle? Only glass straws are completely taste-neutral, unlike metal, bamboo, silicone, paper, stainless steel or plastic. The rounded glass edges, specially designed for HALM straws, ensure safety and an extra-smooth taste.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Glass straws, just like your drinking glasses, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Each set also contains a plastic-free cleaning brush for using at the sink or cleaning on the go.


All our items are made of high quality materials that can exceed your standard.

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Peggy Lowe
Love the straws.

I love these straws and will never use any other.