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Weighted Blanket 25lbs w/ Glass Beads Big Blanket for Adult All-Season 88x104

Weighted Blanket 25lbs w/ Glass Beads Big Blanket for Adult All-Season 88x104

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The weighted blanket is made of soft breathable microfiber material and filled with 0.8-1 mm non-toxic hypo-allergenic glass beads. This blanket could providing a cooling sensation in the summer & a breathable warmth in the winter.


Please choose 7%-12% of your body weight, which would help you sleep better and faster. We recommend 48''x72'' for twin bed, 60''x80'' for queen bed. This weighted throw blanket not only can be used at sleep, but also can be used while reading, relaxing, or meditating.

Precise positioning technology of glass beads

We have observed that for weighted blankets, the biggest problem is that as the beads move in the blanket, the weight becomes more and more uneven. To solve this problem, we designed a professional tool to fill glass beads. This tool makes the beads evenly distributed in the blanket. At the same time, we use high-strength sewing thread, which is very strong to ensure that the beads will not enter another area from one area during use of blanket.


Weighted Blanket is much smaller than ordinary blanket, because it is supposed to concentrate the weight on human body so the weighted blanket would not hang over the edge of your bed. Please don't mistake it as incorrect size when you get it

What can you do to help adapt to a weighted blanket?

  • A weighted calming blanket is more heavy than normal blanket. If you choose a fit size and weight based on your weight, Please give 7-10 days to adapt to this weight.
  • You could put parts of body under the blanket during the first day if you were a begianner. Mostly covering your waist and hip, avoiding shoulders, calves.
  • When you adjust to the blanket gradually, you could cover the whole body.
  • After fully adapting to the weighted blanket, it could be used with other duvet together for keeping warm in the cold winter.


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